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Sonoma County Area Agency on Aging

Current Funding Opportunities

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  1. REQUESTS FOR PROPOSALS FOR OLDER AMERICANS ACT SERVICES FOR SENIORS, ADULTS WITH DISABILITIES, AND CAREGIVERS, released on 10-26-16, deadline for proposal submission is 2:00 p.m. on 12-15-16.

    Requesting an RFP

    The RFP is available electronically by logging into the Sonoma County Purchasing Supplier Portal.

    The Sonoma County Supplier Portal - All interested parties (i.e., vendors, bidders, suppliers, etc.) must register in the Sonoma County Supplier Portal to be able to download the RFP and to electronically submit proposals. Instructions for registering in the Sonoma County Supplier Portal can be found at the following locations:

    Bidder Registration Instructions - For agencies that are not currently working with (not receiving payments from) the County. Bidder Registration Instructions

    Vendor Registration Instructions – For vendors that are currently working with (receiving payments from) the County, but have not registered in the Supplier Portal. Vendor Registration Instructions

    Vendor Account Management Instructions – For vendors that have registered in the Supplier Portal and need to update their account information. Vendor Account Management Instructions

    How to View a Solicitation and Submit a Bid – For vendors that are interested in viewing current opportunities and submitting bids or proposals. Vendor Bidding Guidelines

    For accessibility assistance with RFP documents, please contact County of Sonoma Human Services Department at (707) 565-5900, Fax at (707) 565-5957, or through the California Relay Service (by dialing 711).